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Leopold® CT2® Submerged Sludge Collector
Leopold® elimiNITE® Denitrification System Process Solution
Leopold® Clari-DAF® Potable Water System
Leopold® Clari-DAF® Backwash Water Treatment System
Leopold® Desalination Pretreatment Systems
Leopold® Clari-DAF® Membrane Pretreatment System
Leopold® Clari Vac® Floating Sludge Collector
Leopold® Engineered Filter Media® Products
Leopold® Clari-DAF® System Design and Optimization
Leopold® Clari-DAF® Lagoon Treatment System
Leopold® Oxelia For Sensitive Waters
Leopold® Oxelia For Reuse
Leopold® Oxelia™ Oxidation-Enhanced Biologically Active Filtration
Leopold® Trough Guard
Leopold® Fiberglass Wash-Water Troughs
Leopold® Type 360 Underdrain 
Leopold® FilterWorx Filtration System
Leopold® Type S/ ™SL™ Underdrains
Leopold®IMS 200 & 1000 Data Sheet
Leopold®Type XA™ Underdrain

Case Studies

Salida, CO – Type XA™ Underdrain |  I.M.S® 200 media retainer
Columbus GA – Universal Type SL dual lateral filter system
Howard County, MD  – elimiNITE® | TAK 55
Wisconsin Rapids, WI  – Type S® Underdrain | I.M.S® 200 media retainer
San Diego, CA – Oxelia™
City of Penticton, BC – Clari-DAF® system
Penticton, BC  – Clari-DAF® system
Winnipeg, MB – Clari-DAF® system
Boulder CO, – Clari-DAF® system
Craig, CO – Clari-DAF® system
Florence, CO – Clari-DAF® system | FilterWorx
Johnstown, CO – Clari-DAF® system
Staunton, IL  – Clari-DAF® system
Cambridge, MA  Clari-DAF® system
Carroll County, MD  – Clari-DAF® system
Evitts Creek, PA – Clari-DAF® system
Waco, TX  – Clari-DAF® system | SCADA
Buffalo, WY – Clari-DAF® system