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Aeration Products for Energy-Efficient Biological Treatment
Sanitaire® OSCAR™ Process Performance Optimizer Brochure
Sanitaire® OSCAR™ Process Performance Optimizer Infographic
Sanitaire® OSCAR™ NURO Control Sell Sheet
Sanitaire® OSCAR™ Remote Connectivity Sell Sheet
Sanitaire® OSCAR™ SIMS Controller Sell Sheet
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Sanitaire® OSCAR™ Knows Aeration Control
Sanitaire® OSCAR™ Control Panel
Sanitaire® OSCAR™ DINO Controller
Sanitaire® Vorelodos Aerobic Digester Energy Savings
Sanitaire® Vorelodos Aerobic Digester
Sanitaire® VEMA Controller
Sanitaire® VEMA – Pulsed Aeration Control for BLU-X™ Lite
Sanitaire® CASPERON
Sanitaire® Digital Pressure Monitoring Data Sheet
Sanitaire Diffuser Cleaning and Maintenance

Case Studies

Portgage, PA – ICEAS-NDNP system
Montgomery County, OH – Silver Series Membrane Disc Aerators
Sullivan, MO – ICEAS
Eunice, LA – Silver Series Membrane Disc Aerators
Jefferson City, MO – ICEAS-SBR system
Newville, PA – ICEAS-SBR system
Kimmswick Jefferson County, PA – ICEAS-SBR system | SCADA
Fond du Lac, WI – Diffused Aeration | Flygt Pumps
Johnson, VT – ICEAS-SBR system
St. Joseph, MO – ICEAS-SBR system
Tullahoma, TN – ICEAS-SBR system
Liberty, NY – Silver Series Membrane Disc Aerators
Green Lake, WI – Vorelodos | OSCAR™ | DINO
Fitzgerald, GA – OSCAR™
Muncie, IN – Pulsed Aeration | Silver Series II
Zeeland, MI – CASPERON