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Wedeco Micropollutants (EDC)
Wedeco Duron® UV Disinfection System
Wedeco Spektron E
Wedeco TAK 55 Smart UV System
Wedeco LBX
Wedeco K series
Wedeco Duron Medium Pressure Flyer
Wedeco Advanced Oxidation Process
Wedeco PDOevo Ozone Systems
Wedeco Ecoray® Lamps
Wedeco Ecoray® Ballast
Wedeco Ecoray®
Wedeco Line Card
Wedeco Products for Disinfection and Oxidation
Wedeco Duron® UV Intelligent Control
Wedeco LBX Series
Wedeco Quadron™ UV System
Wedeco 400plus Series Ozone Gas Monitors
Wedeco TAK 55
Wedeco Water Solutions
Wedeco Spektron e
Wedeco SMO evo Ozone Systems
Xylem Treatability Testing Services
Wedeco UVC Sensors
Wedeco Effizon evo Ozone Technology
Wedeco Effizon GC Electrode Technology
Wedeco Ozone Wastewater Treatment
Wedeco Ozone in the Pulp & Paper Industry

Case Studies

Seneca, MD – TAK 55 | Ecoray®
Summerville, GA – Ecoray® | UV Lamp Technology
City of Terrebonne – SMO700 | BX3200 | BX1800
Cary/Apex, NC – Ozone System
Carmel, IN – TAK 55 | Ecoray®
Clovis, CA – LBXe Reuse UV System
El Paso, TX – Effizon®
Lake Pleasant, AZ – K143 Series UV reactor | PDO evo 7000
Little Cottonwood, UT – PDO evo 7000
Prairire Du Sac, WI – UV Lamp & Disinfection System
Raleigh, NC – Ozone generators & UV Disinfection System
American Canyon, CA – Ecoray® | UV Lamps & Ballasts | SCADA
Frankfurt, Germany – Ozone System
Plup Bleach,Spain   – Ozone System
Rensselaer County, NY  – Duron UV System | Ecoray®
Atlanta, GA – SMO 40 | SMO 10| VDO 400 | VDO 200
Hillsborourgh County – MiPro™ | SCADA
Albany, NY – Duron UV System
Hollywood, FL – MiPRO-AOP
Plainfield, IN – Duron UV System | Ecoray®
French Creek, OH – Duron UV System | OptiDose
Anderson, SC – PDOevo 900 Ozone AOP System