GWI Hydrant Pressure Logger

The Global Water PL200-H-1 Hydrant Water Pressure Logger is an easy-to-use water pressure data logger that will assist you to quickly identify and locate pressure problems as well as providing a wealth of system modeling data. The pressure logger’s ez-connect adapter system allows you to connect directly to a standard 2 ½ inch NST(NH) fire hydrant port or easily adapt to other hose and special “city” threads. Designed to resemble a regular hydrant cap, the Hydrant Water Pressure Loggers are less likely to be stolen or vandalized by casual passersby. The logger’s memory buffer will store over 81,000 pressure readings with user defined intervals from 1 measurement per second to more than 1 per year. Plus, the PL200-H’s fast, 10 samples per second sampling mode can capture momentary events like pressure spikes and water hammers. Programmable start and stop alarm times makes it possible to synchronize multiple Hydrant Water Pressure Loggers to start simultaneously, delay start until a preset time, or limit the number of recordings during a given time period.

Process where product is used:
Analytics, municipal water pressure monitoring