Godwin HL Series

Godwin’s HL series Dri-Prime pumps offer higher discharge head capabilities to 600′ or 260 psi with a single stage impeller design. The pumps will handle sludges and liquids with solids up to 3″ in diameter, and offer automatic priming to 28′. Like the CD series Dri-Prime pumps, HL series pumps are available with a variety of diesel or gas engines or electric motors, dry-running oil bath seal arrangements with abrasion resistant silicon carbide interfaces, cast chromium steel impeller for longer life,316 or CD4Mcu stainless steel pumpend construction for high and low pH applications, highway trailer or skid mount, both incorporating integral overnight running fuel tanks and sound attenuated enclosures for any model.

Process where product is used:

  • Wastewater Bypass
  • Wastewater transfer, temporary or permanent
  • Hydrostatic pipeline testing
  • Tank cleaning
  • Water transfer