Leopold® elimi-NITE® Denitrification System

Designed to Reduce Nitrogen in Wastewater Effluent

The Leopold® elimi-NITE® denitrification system is an attached growth, microbiological process that is ideal for removing nitrogen from wastewater when the nitrogen is predominantly in the form of nitrate.

As a part of the system, Leopold® has developed a proprietary gas release cycle that automatically determines the optimum time to release the nitrogen gas and achieve the desired effluent quality.

Produces effluent nitrate <0.5 mg/L, effluent phosphorus <0.2 mg/L, and Total Suspended Solids <5.0 mg/L with no increase in BOD* or COD* at design loading rates.

Filters out solids, eliminating the need for downstream filtration or clarification units required of other denitrification systems.

*BOD - biochemical oxygen demand. COD - chemical oxygen demand.