Leopold® Oxelia™

Leopold® Oxelia™ ozone-enhanced biologically active filtration system for Reuse

Broad classes of trace organic compounds including “contaminants of emerging concern” and regulated “micropollutants” often need to be removed to protect both human health and aquatic species. Some of these trace organic compounds are not readily removed by conventional wastewater treatment systems.

The Oxelia System is a powerful multi-barrier solution producing a safe and high quality effluent (lower BOD, TOC , and suspended solids) by simultaneously inactivating pathogens such as virus and filtering the water to reduce turbidity while also destroying persistent trace organic contaminants like:

  • Personal care products (PCP’s)
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) such as antibiotics, pain killers and prescription drugs
  • Endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC’s) such as estrogens, biophenol A, and steroids
  • Pesticides