ITT Water Equipment Technologies (known as W.E.T.) has been providing reliable membrane based water purification technology and components worldwide since it was formed as Water Equipment Technologies, Inc. in 1975. The former company was an early innovator in membrane technology systems designed to produce high purity water, purify water for reuse and create fresh water from the world’s oceans.On May 30, 2002, W.E.T was acquired by ITT Corporation which has greatly strengthened W.E.T.’s capabilities to provide better solutions to the global water and wastewater industry. Using reverse osmosis (RO), deionization (DI), microfiltration (MF), and nanofiltration (NF) membrane technologies, W.E.T. provides standard systems, custom-engineered systems and products/components to produce high purity or potable water from seawater, brackish water, surface water sources and reuse water from wastewater.