Wedeco Duron® UV System

Clean, Safe, Energy-Efficient Wastewater Treatment.

The DURON is Wedeco’s new durable, environmentally friendly and efficient UV System meeting the disinfection needs of all mid-sized to large wastewater treatment sites.

Conventional wastewater treatment is not sufficient to meet the more stringent discharge limits. In addition, water shortages drive more and more communities around the country to invest in wastewater reuse. The best way to cope with these challenges is with Wedeco’s UV systems for wastewater disinfection. Disinfection with UV light is a reliable, well established way to treat pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites- without any negative impact to the water quality or formation of disinfection-by-products (DBP). Wedeco products’ compliance with modern guidelines like the UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM), IUVA Protocol or the NWRI Guideline for Wastewater Reuse gives assurance that the Wedeco DURON UV disinfection systems are designed to meet the highest disinfection requirements giving our customers peace of mind about their disinfection solution.

Leading edge green disinfection efficiency

DURON was designed as the ideal fit for all mid-size to large water treatment plants needing an environmentally friendly disinfection option that is easy to install, operate and maintain. The enhanced proprietary ECORAY® lamp and ballast technology using the new 600W lamp is the perfect balance of power vs. efficiency. In addition the lamps are arranged in 45˚ vertically inclined geometry. This design ensures not only optimized performance efficiency, but also a reduced channel depth and allows quick and easy lamp replacement. Coupled with very flexible module installation arrangement and a low lamp count of six or twelve lamps per module make the system an excellent fit to any site specific conditions required. Energy consumption is continuously minimized at all operating conditions with OptiDose, Wedeco’s proven intelligent dose control coupled with Wedeco’s ECORAY lamp and ballast technology, that saves up to 20% energy.