YSI CarboVis®, NitraVis®, NiCaVis®

Next generation of the spectral sensor family CarboVis®, NitraVis®, NiCaVis® for use with the YSI IQ SENSORNET system

The next generation of spectral sensors for online measurements of COD/BOD/TOC, TSS and nitrate in municipal wastewater treatment plants. Patent pending optics with YSI measurement technology provides unmatched system stability, accuracy and reliability. Integrated, advanced ultrasonic cleaning system reduces maintenance to a minimum. High-tech materials including Titanium and PEEK are used to ensure long term durability and performance. Full UV/VIS spectrum range (200-720 nm) guarantees optimal turbidity compensation and the best measurement results.

These new sensors are part of the flexible digital IQ SENSORNET System for use across the entire range of online applications. Only one system is needed for up to 20 parameter options providing flexible and expandable solutions for the most important wastewater plant measurements including D.O., pH, ORP, Turb./ TSS, ammonium, nitrate and conductivity.

Process where product is used:
Analytics, municipal wastewater treatment plants