YSI IQ SensorNet System

Flexible digital technology – the YSI IQ SensorNet System for online monitoring and control in wastewater treatment facilities. Connect up to 20 sensors per IQ SensorNet system. IQ SensorNet has built-in redundancy features that safe guard your process. Plug & play, digital sensors can easily be added as the plant changes control strategies or expands. Available sensors include dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, TSS, Nitrate, Ammonium, BOD, COD and sludge level.

The new UV-VIS sensor is a spectrophotometer that is built into an extremely rugged and corrosion resistant probe making it suitable for harsh applications. The UV VIS can measure TSS, Nitrate, COD, BOD, TOC, Dissolved organic carbon and the spectral absorption coefficient.

The UV-VIS, TSS and Turbidity sensors all feature UltraClean, an integrated self cleaning feature that eliminates maintenance requirements.

 Process where product is used:

Wastewater Process Monitoring and Control