YSI Photometry Reagents

YSI reagents are available for numerous chemistries including free and total chlorine, ammoniua, COD, nitrate, orthophosphate and many more. Reagents work with YSI photoFlex and other manufacturers’ instruments.

YSI Single Parameter Colorimeters for Chlorine and COD – Ideal for Laboratory or Field Applications.

YSI Model 900 chlorine and Model 910 COD colorimeters provide a simple solution for the quick, accurate measurement of Total and Free chlorine and COD. The YSI colorimeters are rugged, waterproof single-parameter meters ideal for both field and laboratory testing. The instruments feature a real-time clock, data logging capabilities (up to 16 points), and the ability to export data using the 900 Series Data Hub with infrared data transfer.

Both colorimeters allow the ability to calibrate to any government or organization standard such as N.I.S.T. or ISO. Additionally, the colorimeters have the flexibility to use the YSI powder pack, tablet and liquid reagents.

With an auto shutoff feature, no separate light shield to use, waterproof rating and a long battery life for 5,000 tests you can rest assured the YSI 900 chlorine and 910 COD colorimeters are convenient and ready for use in any conditions.