MJK Expert®

MJK Expert Submersible Level Transmitters measure and transmit water level signals.

MJK Expert level transmitters install in wet wells, lift stations, water storage tanks, wastewater processing tanks, underground wells and reservoirs, flumes, weirs, bar screen channels and chemical storage tanks. The sensor’s smooth contoured shapes are proven to dramatically reduce or eliminate the build-up of rags and other debris, which then reduces the cleaning and maintenance burden for the user. It also prevents the sensor from getting permanently caught on equipment and structures in the well. Extra tough cabling also limits damage from debris while allowing the sensor to be safely pulled through floating debris and preventing it from getting broken off when pulled around and through equipment or structures in the well. It also eliminates the need to install supports on the cable for deep installations.

They measure with accuracy to 0.1% and are available in ranges from 0-1ft. to 0-1000ft. water depth. All models can be custom ranged in the field by operators, service tech’s, or often shipped from MJK the same day as the order is placed. Custom cable lengths are also available up to a few thousand feet (consult MJK for lead times). Models with ATEX and UL Class 1 Div 1 explosion hazard approvals are also offered.