MJK MagFlux®

MJK MagFlux series electromagnetic flow meters monitor, data log and transmit flow and flow totals for water, wastewater and chemical feed applications.

MJK MagFlux flow meters install in waste water pumping station vaults, potable water distribution booster stations, raw water intake pump houses, and throughout the water treatment and waste water treatment plant….even at thickened sludge handling operations! With very short straight pipe requirements, MagFlux flow meters are suitable for installations that crowd out other flow meters, thus reducing the size and costs of vaults and reducing costs for complicated piping. They measure with accuracy to 0.25% at velocities as high as 30 feet per second and down to 0.6 feet per second, making MagFlux flow meters superior at capturing high and low flows, even gravity flows, with high accuracy. And this is all done with full bore diameters so there is virtually no pressure loss to achieve this performance.